Monday, 22 May 2017

Another story of abuse turned into murder

Me and my godfather were talking today , and driving and i remembered the story of a girl that was in an abusive relationship with a 23 year old boy and he ended up killing a 19 year old young woman , and he was accused of abuse before in the past and the police had been called before in the past as stated by global news they got into an argument and she ended up pushed off the balcony the guy claimed she jumped but the story just doesn't add up here is the link to that story:
as global news claims “The police have attended this location for similar type investigations,” says Sgt. Adam Macintosh with IHIT. “The specifics of those investigations, when and how often, is information we won’t share. It’s a part of our current investigation, but we have been here before with respect to these people.”
I say this is another case were a young girl is in an abusive relationship , and it ended up in murder , and these victims of abuse need to be remembered , and the police need to take these cases more seriously like Adam Macintosh with IHIT said the police have attended the location for similar type of investigations! what the hell is wrong with the police how many calls do you have to get? how many times does young girls have to be abused , and the police be called and they just visit the residents and leave ? then guess what the next call you'll be getting is the young girl is dead and murder this wasn't an accident this 23 year old boy i wouldn't even call a man no man lays hes hands on a woman or abuses a 19 year old young woman he killed her and once again another 23 year old boy gets away with murder and abusing a young woman and killing her it makes me so upset i remember when this story first came out , and the shock that hit me that the police are so blind , and cant clearly see this 23 year old boy killed this 19 year old girl i hope one day this young girl and her family gets justice this makes me sick these boys that are suppose to be men get away with abuse and murder and you wonder why the cycle of abuse and murder raises will for one the police cant clearly do there job , and like the other victims of abuse i brought up in my other post's it starts off with the police and the police are to lazy and blind to do there job and that's why these young girls will end up dead in these abusive relationships because there abusers are never held accountable , and never do the time for the crime and that's why our crime rate is raising BC POLICE NEED TO LEARN TO GET THERE BADGES OUT THERE ASSES AND DO THERE JOB , and stop depending on witnesses and get off there lazy asses and stop depending on others to do there jobs for them there are witnesses , and victims dying here and getting killed because of the police not doing there job seriously this shit with the police gets on my last nerve i think I am done here!

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