Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Another story of abuse that turned into murder

Here is another story where a young woman was murdered :
Maple Batalia was a young 19 year old woman and SFU student killed by here x boyfriend the night Batalia was shot  Batalia's father told media she had been having some trouble with a young man following a dispute at a coffee shop again another case where a young woman is in a abusive relationship . and it ends up in murder , and now has been forgotten , and i want these victims to be remembered , and never forgotten because  the police need to stop being so blind , and step up , and serve and protect these victims of abuse , and stop these abusers from killing there victims there are so many stories in the media over the years that have been addressed and talked about in the media and a few days or weeks later there forgotten and i don't want the police to forget these victims they could help future victims like i said in a previous post it starts off with the police and the police could be and should be doing more but the police make the choice to turn a blind eye , and think these patterns of abuse that end up in murder don't happen very often will they do there are a lot of cases and stories out there that aren't in the media or talked about and these victims are prime examples that abuse can turn into murder , and the police need to take there blinders off and look at all the victims over the years that were murdered and killed by a boyfriend X boyfriend or a stalker or abuser.

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