Thursday, 18 May 2017

Income assistance & disability in BC Something needs to change!

A single person on income assistance in BC will receive $610.00 a month , and a single person in BC on disability will receive $1,000 a month a 1 bedroom ranges around $575.00-$600.00 a month and more a single person on income assistance that leaves them $35.00-$10.00 a month for food , and a single person on disability that leaves them $425.00-$400.00 a month for food no wonder there are so many people homeless , and starving they have to earthier make the choice to have a place to rent and live or eat for the month something needs to change its impossible to live off of  $610,00 , and $1.000 a month not to mention a lot of people on income assistance and disability are struggling with addictions and have mental health problems , and there is no proper help support or treatment out there for these people , and you wonder why there are so many people struggling with mental health issues and addictions the people with mental health issues cant and don't get the proper help support and treatment they need and that's why alot of the time these people will turn to drugs or alcohol to help them cope with there mental health symptoms , and not eating or having a place to live is a hard decision to make earthier have a place to live for the month and not eat for the month or eat for the month and not have a place to live its sad to watch and see and i have seen on the news a few times they had others try and survive off of $610.00 - $1.000 a month and its just impossible , and i just don't understand why there hasn't been any changes other parts in Canada the income assistance rate , and disability rate is higher then BC is the lowest rate for income assistance and disability something needs to change , and i truly believe if there was a change the homelessness rate would go down , and i think if there were more proper resources help support and treatment i think it would bring the addiction rate down and there would be less drug addicts and drug users , and addicts what do you think is going to happen if things remain the same nothing will change things will only get worse , and that's what your seeing in BC its just getting worse.

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