Friday, 26 May 2017

Just another example why victims witnesses and people dont trust the police

Ctv news is reporting on a vancouver police officer i will link the news story below:
Ctv news stated : A former Vancouver police detective who worked with vulnerable women and children is facing additional charges in an investigation led by the Ministry of Justice.
Det. Const. James Albert Stanley Fisher has been charged with two new counts of sexual assault and one count of breach of trust in relation to a witness in a criminal investigation.
Fisher was charged in December with three counts of sexual exploitation, and one count each of sexual assault and breaching trust by "sexually touching a witness in a criminal prosecution." He was also charged with attempting to obstruct justice by providing false or misleading information to a Burnaby RCMP officer. 
Now i have to say this is very concerning but not a shock because it happens more then we know and realise Det. Const. James Albert Stanley Fisher  is being charged with 2 count of sexual assault and 1 counts of breach of trust in relation to a witness in a criminal investigation just shows that you cant trust the police with victims or witnesses this seriously raises huge concern for victims and witnesses , and the police are suppose to serve and protect , and be able to be trusted , and this is a pure example why a lot police officers cant be trusted and why people let alone victims and witnesses don't trust the police there are more stories like this out there that we just don't hear about this is a clear reminder why  victims , witnesses and people don't trust the police.

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