Tuesday, 23 May 2017

My blog my experiences , and my truth and facts

I named my blog Laura's truthfulness for a reason i only type the truth and facts of stories and post posts and there are others that create blogs and write blogs that have no life experience or experienced anything they are writing about there are reasons why i talk about and address certain subjects , and stories , and i write the posts i post because i feel guided to , and i feel only a person that has experience and experienced certain experiences in life can talk about certain experiences and subjects some people may not agree with what i have to say or type on my blog but not everyone is going to agree those that don't agree can agree to disagree  I am here to do what i feel i should do , and what ever i write about or talk about its my blog so i can say what i want , and address what i want , and like i said above I am talking from experience theirs no better experience then life experience i believe everything in life happens for a reason , and i feel theirs a reason why i started this blog , and will continue to write and post on my blog when ever i feel i should or feel guided to everyone has a purpose in this crazy world we live in , and people come in our life's for a reason , and people leave our life's for a reason and people remain in our life's for a reason , and everyone has a reason for why they created a blog , and some people have good intentions and some people may not some people use and abuse other blogs or have others use them for there blog posts some have more media attention then others I am not looking for attention from my blog I am looking to raise awareness and talk about and address things others may forget about or just don't want to talk about or address and no story is to old sometimes the past needs to be address and talked about and brought up so others don't forget , and there are so many stories that get written or brought up in the media and people forget about those victims , and i want to address those stories and victims that have been forgotten a lot people become so desensitized by stories in the media and blogs , and I am here to remind people these victims will never be forgotten.

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