Friday, 19 May 2017

Police : Abuse , Stalking , Laws , and Courts

I came across a few stories  and honestly its concerning to read these stories where police don't take abuse , stalking and harassment more seriously they need to take these cases more seriously then they have been or should have they treat victims of abuse , and stalking as just another file number  i believe a lot of us woman have experience some form of a abuse whether it is verbal mental emotional physical or sexual abuse its all a pattern , and most woman end being harassed and stalked , and controlled when they try and leave time and time again police will get contacted by a victim being abused or stalked or harassed or threatened, and the police don't take it seriously and it starts with contacting the police and its the policies job to pass on any case onto crown to be put in front of a judge so first we need to address the police because that's the first step a victim has to make is to contact the police so they can file chargers or get a restraining order now tell me what is a piece a paper going to do ? so there abusers or stalkers show up what is the victim suppose to do throw the piece a paper at there abusers or stalkers that isn't going to stop the victims abuser or stalker how are woman suppose to protect themselves against abuse  and stalking when there are no laws put in place to protect these young girls and woman , and police are suppose to serve and protect victims , and some victims don't end up making it out alive they end up dead , and murdered and killed like one story i was reading from the metro news that was the case for a Quebec woman she was only 18 years old her name was Daphn√© Boudreault , and i will link that story from the metro news :
 and another story i also came across was Christa Cachene in Calgary i will also link that story to :
Christa Cachene was 26 years old her friend listened from her bedroom in her bed as her friend got beaten to death and I am not saying men don't get abused or stalked I am just saying it is more common for a woman to be abused and stalked then a young men also another story i would like to also mention i will also add the link here :
Police told this woman to stop dialling 911 just another example of police not taking abuse and stalking more seriously ,and like i mentioned above the first step is to contact police and you also contact police if they don't follow the restraining order again what is the victim left to do? and in all 3 of these cases these woman lost there life's! something needs to change , and we need to first start off with the police! then the laws and courts , and there needs to be more resources help and support for victims of abuse and stalking i feel the police in Canada and other parts of the world are so desensitized by abuse , and stalking , and I am sure there are more stories out there that aren't out in the media that we don't know about it happens more often then we know and realize these 3 stories are examples why the police need to take these victims and cases more seriously , and laws need to be more stricter , and yes the court system needs to make changes also but it starts off with the police!

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