Sunday, 18 June 2017

Ashley smith CBC The fifth estate

I watched this video by CBC the fifth estate , and i don't agree with the title of the video Ashley Smith : out of control i don't feel she was out of control nor was she an out of control teen she clearly had mental health issues , and behavioural problems and never got the proper help support , and treatment.

This is a link to the video , and story of Ashley Smith by CBC news :

CBC News reports :
Ashley Smith was a troubled 19-year-old when she choked herself to death with a strip of cloth at Grand Valley Institution in Kitchener, Ontario. Her death made national headlines and led to a scathing report by Canada’s federal prison ombudsman. Now, through exclusive access to prison video exposing Ashley’s treatment in custody, the fifth estate shares the story of this young woman’s harrowing life and the circumstances surrounding her death.
                        Prison Radio Communication :
And in the video guards says: Smith is currently laying on the floor with a ligature tied around her neck shes trying to choke her self out shes in the crack behind the door ... or behind the bed , and the recording continues and they just ah patrol just went in with them and... (...)'s at the camera ... So did they talk to you ? Ah... they haven't gone in the cell yet , have they? NO. Okay Well as long as shes breathing then we don't need to go in. That's all they told me , that she put a ligature around her neck Yeah.Okay Aright. THEY HAD NO CHOICE OUR MEMBERS WHERE TOLD THEY WERE TOLD NOT TO ENTER HER CELL TILL SHE STOP BREATHING Prison Radio communication again states: as long as shes breathing we don't need to go in Okay.Okay. We'll Phone you before we open the door. Unless you know that she ... Yeah she suddenly Stopped breathing  , Then go ahead. 12 Minutes later Ashley Smith is not moving ...Opening cell one .. Ashley Smiths step mother said they went in and come out and went in and come out , and nobody approach Ashley Smith Prison radio communication continues to say : call the nurse for health care assessment ASAP CBC news reporter says : there were 7 guards who watch for 30 Minutes Watched a 19 year old young girl kill her self! The Man Says they didn't want to stand outside her cell and watch her die but like the CBC news reporter says : BUT THEY DID!

Ashley Smith was barely into her teens when she was sent to a youth detention centre in her home province of New Brunswick. Her crime: she had tossed crabapples at a mailman. Smith’s one-month sentence would stretch to almost four years, served in 11 institutions in 5 provinces.
To tell Ashley’s story, the fifth estate fought for and gained access to shocking prison video, showing Smith being subdued by physical force, pepper sprayed, and cocooned in a completely restrictive body bag called “the wrap”. The longer Smith was confined to her various segregation cells, the worse her behaviour became and the more extreme, and frequent, the punishments. What she really needed was mental health assessment and treatment. She never got it.

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