Monday, 12 June 2017

Kim Bolan back at it again!

Dennis Watson from the gangsters out blog posted a post this is the link to his story :
Once again Kim Bolan is back at it again taking statements said in court and not doing her research Kim Bolan is not creditable and like she stated in her previous post i posted about where she contradicts her self , and states I am a hard-nose news type. Nothing makes me cringe more than inserting myself into a story , and she also states Writing about the UN and the murders linked to the gang is part of my job.
And it’s a job I will continue to do because it’s important to shine a light on these dark corners in our community, even when I don’t like what I see 
Kim you have no credit-ability , and need to learn how to look into things and do your research just because something is said in a court room doesn't mean its true you don't realize the things you repeat that are said in a court room how it can affect another persons life like my previous post where i pointed out where you contradicted your self numerous times , and inserting your self into a story , and stating things a witness stated in court , and your back at it again stating things that were said in a court room and honestly if it doesn't make sense its not true only the truth makes sense ! and once again i have to say you say its important to shine the light on these dark corners in our community even when you don't like what you see for one you don't see anything you just hear things in a court room , and you need to shine the light on the truth and be honest and do your research before making posts about something you over heard in a court room! seriously Kim i think its time you retire.

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  1. This what happens when you have reporters who do it to get paid and others who do it to do a positive impact.. She should retire and they should hire you