Sunday, 23 July 2017

Metal health : My thoughts

I think mental health issues needs to be token more seriously , and people need to be more cautious and aware how they talk to , and treat people with any mental health issues its like I always say you give someone an inch they take a mile , and all it takes is one wrong word or just being careless , and not thinking before you say something you could never know the affect it could put on that person and no there isn't enough treatment options for people with mental health issues and they don't get the support or help they need , and that's why a lot people with mental health issues drink or use drugs to help them cope with there symptoms , and people should stop judging others and be there for them , and it makes me sick to read other bloggers mentioning the crisis line the crisis line does not have the resources , help , and support that most people with mental health issues need in most cases the people on the crisis line aren't educated or even know how to help someone with mental health issues only a person that is suffering them selves or educated could help a person with mental health issues or could even understand the best thing a person can do is hear and listen you can't even imagine what others maybe going through and why they react or act the way they do people need to stop talking and start listening so they can even some what understand mental health is not taken seriously and people don't take it as serious as they should intill it's to late just remember someone can be here one day , and gone the next don't ever take any one for granted in this world I've noticed more and more how selfish and careless people have become , and it makes me sick to be honest I want others to read this , and acknowledge things they don't acknowledge anymore in this day and age people are so desensitized , careless , and selfish , and hope things , and people change.

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