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Police misconduct By Surrey RCMP District #3 - Newton

I am going to try and make this short and simple as there are to many incidents that have occurred in the past almost 7 months I will start off by saying I moved into a place almost 2 years ago now , and almost 7 months ago the house was sold , and now new home owners have token over , and since the new home owners have token over its been pure hell for me I have been stalked , harassed , triggered , provoked , and accused of unthinkable acts by these home owners, and the Surrey RCMP District #3 - Newton have been involved and called numerous times and have done nothing but given me excuses lie to me and manipulate what they say they will do and could and should do, and they keep re victimizing me , and allowing the wife and husband to continue to make false reports to the police , and harass me , and stalk me on a daily basis , and not only do they harass me there friend does as well I have had police officers abuse me mentally emotionally , verbally , and psychological I will attach a video of the most recent accusation I was recently accused of by the wife she accused me of assaulting her because i served her papers , and I video taped the whole thing and in the video my witness taped me serving the papers and you can see in the video I do not assault her or touch her she claims I hit her with the door in which the door does not even open from the outside it opens from the inside which she was standing in front of I did not want to turn my back on this woman and put those papers in the mail box as I know how violent this woman and her husband can get and be so I slide the papers in the already opened door and left , and the police showed  up in 5 police SUVs with there lights on , and sirens , and I showed the police the video and they also spoke with my witness , and the one officer Cst Chan just handed me a card with a file number and went on there way now if I did not video record this I would have been arrested and charged with assault Corporal Jarjoura said to me while speaking to him that it was a good thing I video recorded me serving her the papers otherwise I would be in jail and charged with assault , and he advised me if they get another 911 call and I do not have video prof that I did not assault her then I will be arrested and charged with assault after going in circles with this supervisor I asked to speak to hes supervisor and that is where staff Sargent Henderson comes into the mix he tells me that even with prof and evidence that the assault never happened and that she lied it does not mean that what she claimed which was that I hit her with the door and assaulted her was not false even through I have video prof and evidence that shows I never hit her with the door or assaulted or touched this woman and not only have I spoken to these 2 supervisors my friend has also been a witness to a lot of the police conversations and interactions and now I am going to list off the officers names that have been involved in all the reports some names are missing but these are the ones that I have :

Cst Pandu , Cst Cheem , Cst Darren Baker , Supervisor Simard , Cst Irvine , Corporal Matto , Cst Damm , Cst Macdonald , Cst Sangra , Cst Miller , Cst Mani , Cst Roszkowski , Cst Hughes , Cst elliott , and Cst Chan , and these are just some of  the officers that I have dealt with there are others but do not have there names wish I did honestly the newton detachment is full of  misconduct., and they are careless police officers supervisors , and Corporal.

Now here is the video of me serving the landlord the wife the papers where her 911 call is not false Henderson says : ( watch the video I do not touch the door or touch her I slide the papers in the already open door and leave ) and also note how she opens the door and how the door opens.

You can see other videos on the youtube channel of the harassment , and stalking , and stomping and jumping and pounding on my ceiling , and much more by the husband and wife.

I cannot believe the misconduct from these officers , corporals , and supervisors from the Surrey RCMP District #3 - Newton not to mention the dispatch at that office there careless and have no regards for my safety , and how can this woman get away with making numerous false statements and calls to the police , and get away with it there is an officer Cst Davie He has token a statement from me and my witness and says he is going to try for mischief chargers , and yet to see that happen it seems like to me these officers would rather give you a file number and document what happens and do nothing about it there are other things ,and incidents I have not mentioned in this post and I have not gone in full detail about but I am welling to if I have to think about this what if this was your daughter ? sister ? mom ? or family member ? I asked an officer that and he said he would have them dealt with will why is that they are not dealing with this wife and husband harassing me stalking me and I have had officers tell me because they own the home its not considered harassment or stalking when they are listening outside my windows and door , and watching me come and go every time I come home or leave theirs always someone in the window watching me and coming out the front door and standing in front the front door staring at me I honestly am in fear for my safety and my life this has been going on for almost 7 months now , and the police , and  the Surrey RCMP District #3 - Newton refuse to do anything or hold these people accountable I have over 300 videos , and pictures and the number keeps raising the only thing protecting me is my phone , and video camera the Surrey RCMP District #3 - Newton can say what they want I have nothing to lie about I am innocent in this situation and I can back that up with all the 300 videos , recordings and pictures I have and witness statements , advocates , and others it makes me sick that the police just sit here and do nothing there clearly to lazy to do anything I guess its to much work for them to write up a report with details , and the truth and facts , and send evidence to crown to go ahead with chargers like I have said in previous posts chargers always start with the police and the police have to act on those chargers to be brought to crown in order to get in front of a judge it seems like the police just do not want to do the work , and gather up a case its to much work for them I am not going based off of what the police tell me and say I am going off there actions and there have been no actions made on there part they do not want to act on anything they actually have allowed things to get worse , and will only get worse because these people are not being held accountable for there actions , and behavior I feel I am being mistreated and judged , abused , and re victimized by the police and the Surrey RCMP District #3 - Newton this just shows and proves how careless the police and police department is.

And I would like to also say this is not a tenant and landlord issue this is a criminal issue , and what this wife and husband are doing and continue to do is a criminal matter not a landlord and tenant issue the Surrey RCMP District #3 - Newton and there officers and dispatch like to claim this is a landlord and tenant issue which its not what they are doing is against the law and they should be charged and held accountable!

Update : So i got a phone call and voice message from Cst ***** , and he said and told me in response to the false 911 call , false report and false statement to police that the wife is not in the wrong , and that she believed I hit her with the door therefore nothing will be done and the police coming to the residence after receiving the 911 call there has been an investigation that is an investigation? what? there was no investigation , and the department and police officers continue to say the wifes 911 call was not false , and is not a crime to call 911 and lie and make a false report to the police and accuse someone of assault because the wife believed she was hit by the door are you kidding me that is just crazy and this is why people do not trust or call the police there useless my friend spoke to another police department and those officers were shocked that Surrey RCMP District #3 - Newton have allowed this to go on , and allowed these home owners to torment me harass me , and stalk me , and make false reports , and statements and false 911 call the Surrey RCMP District #3 - Newton should be ashamed of themselves!
God forbid something happens to me the Surrey RCMP District #3 - Newton will be accountable I have left a lot details out and left a lot of other incidents out , and the truth will come out it always does they can manipulate lie and twist what they say and said the truth will come out!

I have done my own research and FYI  Surrey RCMP District #3 - Newton I BELIEVE THAT THE WIFE AND HUSBAND CAN BE CHARGED WITH THESE CHARGERS LISTED BELOW I went through the criminal code of canada and these are the chargers the Surrey RCMP District #3 - Newton can charge the wife and husband with :
-Criminal Harassment 
-Tampering with mail
-Mail Theft
-Disorderly conduct
-Misleading justice public mischief
-Criminal Breach of contract
-Invasion of privacy 
and why the police are not charging them with these chargers I do not know it seems to me it seems to be to much work for them and to much paper work and effort , and time for them to gather up the evidence which I would be happy to provide to the Surrey RCMP District #3 - Newton to have these chargers put on the wife and husband but they do not care there are people getting stabbed , shot , killed , and murdered and they still can not do there job they depend on others to do there jobs for them will  I am welling to give them all the prof and evidence they need to have these people charged and held accountable but again they do not care , and mark my words if anything happens to me the Surrey RCMP District #3 - Newton will and should be held accountable and I will make dam sure of it because all these incidents could have been prevented by the  Surrey RCMP District #3 - Newton by going ahead with the chargers I listed above charging and holding the wife and husband accountable would resolve all of this the wife and husband will not stop until someone or the police stops them bad attention is better then no attention and clearly the wife and husband thrive off of what they are doing and creating and causing , and the Surrey RCMP District #3 - Newton are allowing them to continue there antics and they will not stop until someone stops them , and they pay the consequences you do the crime you do the time if I did anything the wife and husband did I would be in jail and charged and I feel I am , and continue to be re victimized by the Surrey RCMP District #3 - Newton and there police officers supervisors , and Corporals have done nothing but make me feel more fearful and afraid I live in fear , panic and anxiety everyday , and the only thing serving and protecting me is my cell phone and video recorder I have made a call to someone who maybe be able to help I will continue to keep my posts up to date on what is going on as this is not a landlord and tenant issue this is a criminal matter and a police matter and I am not going to keep quiet about this.
Update: Had to contact the Surrey RCMP District #3 - Newton for a stand by to serve the landlord more papers , and soon as the officer arrives Cst Gary Sidhu  I could tell by his tone , and the way he was talking , and speaking to me this was not going to be a pleasant standby I address to officer Cst Gary Sidhu the landlord(s) car is not in the driveway I do not think the landlord(s) home , and Cst Gary Sidhu just dismissed what I said and proceeded to approach the door to knock on the door I again make sure to record this and turn my recorder on as me and Cst Gary Sidhu approach the landlord(s) door , and we get to the door , and an older woman answers , and Cst Gary Sidhu says in there language I am assuming is the landlord(s) home , and as I excepted the landlord(s) not home , and me and Cst Gary Sidhu walk down the driveway and I turn my recorder off thinking okay I will have to call the non emergency number back and ask another officer to do a standby , and I ask Cst Gary Sidhu do I just call the non emergency number back when the landlord(s) car returns , and Cst Gary Sidhu began to lecture me on moving , and asking why I live in the residents I turn my recorder back on I am so tired of being told , and lectured by police officers telling me I should move I asked , and called for a police standby not a lecture , and be told I should move , and why I do not move how many times have people called the police for a reason say a standby like me , and began to talk about another report that has nothing to do with why the police were called to began with I personally have had to tell numerous officers that this has nothing to do with why I called I called for this or that reason that has nothing to do with why I called or why you were called and I have personally caught officers say and tell me that is not why we were called that has nothing to do with the call we received so its okay for officers to do it but soon as you say anything to the officers they say well I am just suggesting that , and giving my opinion did I ask for your option? did I ask you to lecture me on why I should move? did I ask for anything else but a standby? no so I do not understand why these officers chime in when it is non there business , and they should focus on why they were called and the reasoning they were called So after listening to Cst Gary Sidhu rant about me moving and why I should move which is all on recording I walk away and Cst Gary Sidhu gets in his SUV , and I return back to my suite , and not even 5 minutes later I get a bang on my door not a knock a bang , and I ask who it is and its Cst Gary Sidhu saying the landlord is now home I can serve the landlord(s) with the papers so I get my jacket and shoes back on , and walk back out with Cst Gary Sidu to the landlord(s) door I followed behind him , and rang the door bell the landlord opens the door , and Cst Gary Sidhu starts talking to her cutting me off when I tell the landlord I have papers for you , and at this point I am standing there with papers in my hand while Cst Gary Sidhu and my landlord speak in there language Cst Gary Sidhu says you need to give the papers to their lawyer you have the lawyers card you had this lawyers card taped to your door and I respond by saying that person is not a lawyer , and I can not serve these papers to that person I serve the papers to landlord(s) Cst Gary Sidhu again cuts me off getting aggressive , and hes tone gets higher almost yelling saying you need to listen you both are talking and in the recording you can see and hear that I do not speak to the officer I speak to the landlord , and the landlord continues to speak to the officer ignoring me and the only thing I could make out in there language was lawyer after Cst Gary Sidhu yelling at me and getting aggressive towards me verbally I drop the papers on the ground in front the landlord this person the landlord is speaking about is not a lawyer I got a background on him , and know all about him , and I know more then he thinks I know and the landlord has no idea what I know I do my research and check into things and people so I walk away because this landlord keeps claiming this person is a lawyer , and I have recordings to prove that , and I have prof he is not a lawyer , and I know what this person does , and what he is all about , and if he threatens me again i will mention his name , and details and what i know about him to warn other tenants about this man and also other landlord(s) that might fall for his lies , and manipulation so after that I go back inside , and then not even 2 minutes later another bang at my door I say who is it , and its Cst Gary Sidhu again saying I need to explain to the landlord what these papers are I am thinking to my self while I am putting my jacket and shoes back on the landlord(s) claiming she has a lawyer Cst Gary Sindhu says she has a lawyer and is telling me to serve her so called lawyer why do you not get your so called lawyer to explain to you what these papers are this landlord knows how to read , and write and speak English and has received papers like this from me in the past so I again walk back up with Cst Gary Sidhu to speak to the landlord(s) , and I explain to landlord(s) what the papers are , and the landlord starts saying why do you not move , and I said I just want the repairs done and that is it and I looked at Cst Gary Sidhu and said I am not going to do this can you please not knock on my door she can have her lawyer or RTB or who ever explain to her what the papers are , and Cst Gary Sidhu says to me : DONT FUCKING TELL ME HOW TO DO MY JOB !  I stood there silent for a few seconds and said I am not telling you how to do your job and walked away.
Cst Gary Sidhu was rude , and lecturing me , and he wants to tell me not to tell him how to do his fucking job are you kidding me clearly from the start Cst Gary Sidhu was siding with the landlord , and that is why he was telling me I should move , and why have i not moved and telling me how to live my life I did not say to him do not tell me how to fucking live my life like he said do not tell me how to do my fucking job will for one you should not be coming to a standby and speaking to me that way and treating me the way he did a standby is to simply standby and keep the peace most officers do not even speak or talk they just standby , and make sure to keep the peace and Cst Gary Sidhu did non of that again just shows how unprofessional these officers are , and not to mention the misconduct and Cst Gary Sidhu did not keep the peace he made the situation more stressful , triggering , and provoking , and caused me a great deal of anxiety afterwards this is why the landlord(s) continue with there antics because the police side with them which is wrong.

Update: I have followed up with the officer on the case to try the landlord(s) for mischief chargers , and also a peace bond , and everything has been sent to crown , and crown has received it I am hoping to hear from crown , and talk to crown , and have the opportunity to show them videos , and pictures , and the evidence I have against the landlord(s) and have the opportunity to speak in court about how this has affected my life I will continue to update and follow up on the developments.

I also have another case I need to deal with in court , and waiting on crown to contact me which I am happy to hear that this person will , and is going to be held accountable for there actions , choices , and decisions that day I am a strong believer in Karma , and what comes around goes around , and the truth will always shine through the darkness and lies people create , make up , and stir up in there sick twisted minds I have a lot going on but I am strong , and I can stand alone on my two feet , and get through this!

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