Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Addressed and talked about this before and want to address and talk about it again

I have spoken about this before in a previous post , and want to address and talk about it again and how worse its getting so the subject of this post is : Racism

It is outrageous how Racist people have become people in public , neighborhood , landlords , tenants , agents , police , and the list goes on its sad to see people judging people you should not judge anyone you should not look at someone because of their race or color its all about someones personality and character , and who they are deep down inside i have be subjected to racism , and  have come across people that are racist , and watched other people being racist towards others , and its hard to watch and see , and be subjected to it affects a person mentally emotionally , and psychologically , and its a subject and issue that needs to be addressed and talked about , and people need to hold these people accountable for there actions , and there verbal , mental , emotional , and psychological abuse towards others that are not the same color or race as them i am seeing more tenants , landlords , police being racist , and judgmental , and bullying people because they are not the same race or color as they are and they pick sides , bully and gang up on others that are not the same race and color as them for example i have had dealt with tenants , landlords , and police my self , and if they are not white , and the other party is they will side with the other party that is the same race and color as them my landlord is trying to evict me because i am white , and i have had the police bully me because i am white , and honestly looking back to the way things use to be and the way things are now it shocks me that not only does landlords act this way but police officers i had an incident happened today with a police officer that was not the same race and color as me but was the same race and color as my landlord , and he got aggressive with me , and was siding with my landlord which is the same race and color as he is , and its disheartening to be treated the way i have this has not been the first time , and i guess that incident triggered me and provoked me to write this post , and i am sure i am not the only that has been subjected to this type of racism , and it needs to stop we are all human regardless of what color or race we are we all have feelings , and souls , and to be bullied and picked on because of your race and color what is this world coming to this is so wrong , and for this issue to continue to get worse , and for the police , landlords , tenants and others to act this way towards one other is so sad , and i just wanted to address it , and talk a little about it , and raise a bit of awareness of what is going on in this world i feel alot people are desensitized by it and so use to it now which makes it ever worse its not normal that people are going against one another and siding with others because of there race and color , and the bullying , and abuse people are being subjected to and the violence.

This is a very sensitive but real issue and problem in the world , and i just wanted to touch on it because of what i have been experiencing and i am sure there are others out there experiencing the same thing.

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