Thursday, 25 January 2018

Find something better to do with your time

So I want to address this I can see my stats on my blog , and when , where and how many views I get , and where my views are coming from , and I would like a certain someone that I have spoken about on my blog , and what this person has done to me this person abused me mentally , emotionally , psychologically , and physically stop reading , and viewing my blog if you want to do something with your time instead of reading my blog and viewing my blog go see a doctor , psychiatrist , and get a diagnosis , and get into treatment you have some serious issues , and you stalking me , and continuing to stalk me , and read and view my blog just shows how obsessed you are , and how sick you truly are I did not create this blog for people to stalk me , and allow my abuser to know what is going on in my life in the past this person would go on another social media meant for people with PTSD to try , and harass , and stalk me this person was later banned from the site , and after being banned this person shows up at my house and then calling people in my life asking about me , and wanting to know information about me now this person can not do that so now this person resorts to stalking , reading , and viewing my blog just so you know I know you have , and are viewing my blog , and you need to stop if it continues i will put a stop to it you need to move on , and find someone else to use as your punching bag , and stop tormenting me , and trying to find out information about me document this , and i will continue to screen shot every time you read and view my blog just like I documented everything else you did , and put me through leave me alone , and go on with your life , and stop obsessing over what I am doing , and writing about on my blog , and go get some help I do not need your negativity , drama , and obsession over me and what I am doing put on to my blog this blog is for me to talk about my experiences and others that have gone through things like I have and share there stories along with mine this is a pure example of victims having there abusers follow them , and stalk them , and harass them its honestly sick , and this person really needs to leave me alone , and go get some serious help , and get into treatment this just shows and proves how sick and twisted you really are , and shows and proves you really need to get help and get into treatment you just cant leave me alone your still trying to control me on my own blog by viewing and reading my blog this is my last , and final warning , and I am not going to post about you again this is my one and only time I am going to address this on my blog because you are not the center my world nor are you going to control me over social media again like you did before thinking of it now regardless if you get a diagnosis , and get into treatment , and get on medication you will never change because you are in denial , and always have been and always will be just leave me alone! and stay the hell away from me and my blog!

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