Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Some the trauma and assaults I have been subjected to , and the photos , crown , and the police

I can not put in words how hard this is for me , and how hard it is for me to talk about these assaults but I think I need to talk about them for the past couple of years (2-3) and what I have been subjected to I have been through a great deal of abuse mental , emotional , psychological , verbal , and physical abuse , and the violence I have seen the drug users , and alcoholics I have been subjected to causes me a great deal of torment the reason I am talking about this is because when you try and hold these people accountable they get away with it I can only speak for my self and what I have experienced , and the torment I live with day in and day out ,  and this is only some the trauma and assaults and abuse I have experienced in the past couple of years and seeing the pictures , and scars , and being reminded of not only the physical damage its done to me but the damage its caused me mentally , emotionally , and psychologically , and people look at me and don't see the hurt and pain I have and continue to endure everyday , and it doesn't get easier with time it gets worse , and when you keep having one traumatic event after another happen it doesn't help it only makes it harder to recover , and it hurts more not to be able to get closure , and not to have these people that did this to me held accountable because if they'll do it to me they'll do it to someone else , and when will police or crown or the justice system say enough is enough this is why there is so many people that suffer with mental health problems and mental illness , and drug abuse , and people drinking and turning into drug addicts or alcoholics because that is the only way they can manage and cope and in some cases it results in death or murder or suicide with the trauma the flash backs the emotions and feelings it becomes to overwhelming you just want to numb your self and you don't want to feel anymore , and you just want the pain and hurt and torment to go away and stop , and the flash backs to stop , and the images , pictures , and memories to go away , and in BC there isn't enough help resources or support for people with mental health issues or victims that have been subjected to trauma , and abuse through there life , and this is a problem I've talked about this before in a previous post but i want to share a few of the assaults I experienced in the past couple years , and what i went through for the past couple of years , and share some photos of the physical abuse I endured , and this isn't just 1 physical assault this is 4 assaults in a short amount a time , and I not only got physically abused but mentally , emotionally , verbally , and psychologically abused which is just as bad as physical abuse.

The first assault : I was choked to the point I blacked out , and lost my breath and almost stopped breathing , and my vision went black and I thought I was going to die I was lucky enough to kick this person off of me they had there hands wrapped around my neck on top me choking me to the point I swear if I didn't get this person off me I don't believe I would be here today I am going to share some photos as you can see in the photos this person was choking me so hard that you can see the persons nail marks where they were choking me , and you can see in the photos I was struggling to get this persons hands off that were tightly wrapped about my neck  they were squeezing so hard and when I tried to get there hands off my throat you can see defensive wounds on my hand : 

The Police seen the marks around my neck , and the defensive wounds on my hand , and blood, and what did the police do nothing!
They didn't take photos didn't take a report or go ahead with chargers i took these pictures my self the day it happened and then the next day i took the 3rd photo.

2nd Assault : So after getting away from the person that assaulted me I moved , and got assaulted again this person snuck up behind me and grabbed me threw me down to the ground , and smashed my phone on the ground , this person came out of no where it was unprovoked I ran into a room , and once again the police were called what did the 
police do nothing! 
3rd assault : It was unprovoked as well , and happened out of no where I got dragged by my hair down the hall , and punched in the face this one was really traumatic after already being assaulted 2 times before this 3rd assault. ( This assault someone had called police and the police did go ahead with pressing chargers )
4th assault : Was also unprovoked , and happened  in my home , and this happened not to long after i got assaulted the 3rd time I got pushed , grabbed , shoved , slammed into a door frame , and my head smashed off a door frame trying to get this person out my home.
I cant express enough those out there who have and are subjected to abuse document it take pictures write dates , and times down tell someone so god for bid something does happened to you at least you have pictures , names , dates , and times the police will not protect you , crown will not protect you , and the justice system will not do anything the police , crown and the justice system is like rolling dice sometimes they will help but 99.9% the time they do not want to put in the effort , time , or energy its to much work for them take it from someone that has been assaulted more then 4 times there are other assaults that have happen to me that I did not report to police  , and police were never called I think this is why a lot victims of abuse do not report assaults or any form or abuse or stalking or harassment to police because nothing gets done and in most cases it further pisses the abuser off nothing has changed and nothing will ever change this is why there are so many victims out there that live in silence because whats the point on calling the police? whats the point of having charges denied? or going to court? , and whats the point of having nothing done? but further pissing the abuser off your left to fend for your self and only you can protect your self no one else can the police can not and will not protect you , crown can not and will not protect you and the justice system sure the hell will not protect you.



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