Sunday, 28 January 2018

We Need to Talk with Kris Godinez

I came across this channel on youtube : We Need to Talk with Kris Godinez I find her videos to be very helpful , and educational I have learned a lot about abusers , abuse and the red flags , signs , and symptoms to watch out for and see and acknowledge and she looks at things the way I do by saying actions speak louder then words as she mentions in her other videos , and its so true I just wanted to share this channel and her videos , and pass on the information she provides in her videos on her youtube channel here are some the videos on her channel:

Thanks Kris Godinez for your videos , and channel and the education and information its been so helpful , and I am so grateful that you share the information you do for victims , and now I want to share your videos , education and information you share in your videos to help other victims from there abusers and abuse.

Kris Godinez also talks about mental health , and disorders on her videos.

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