Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Youtube , and Logan Paul

I am sure everyone has heard about this story and what Logan Paul did , and the video he posted on YouTube , and honestly I just wanted to say this is outrageous , and I am appalled and outraged by the video Logan Paul posted I am not going to rehash the whole story again but for those that did not hear about the video Logan Paul posted i will attach a link to the story :

I have to comment on this as someone that suffers with mental illness my self to see this YouTuber posting a video for the world to see but kids as well and these kids look up to this YouTuber , and for him to be posting such a video mocking a dead body hanging , and video taping it is so sick and you have to be very sick in the head to do such a thing then to make matters worse Logan upload , edits , and posts this video , and puts the dead body in his thumb nail of the video and YouTube has a huge part to do with this as well this was trending on YouTube , and then Logan Paul finally took the video down after millions of people and young kids already seen the video the video is still surfacing over the internet Logan can delete the video off his channel all he wants the video still can be viewed and watched online nothing is never truly deleted off the internet , and will and still remains online , and what is most shocking is Logan Pauls apology video :

Logan Paul is not sorry , and I believe Logan Paul he will do anything for attention views , and money , and not to mention his brother Jake Paul they both should not be on YouTube , and for YouTube to allow these types of people online just blows my minds there are young kids that see these videos Logan Paul you are not putting a good message out there and I would never allow my kids to watch you if I had kids and I do not think any parent should allow there kids to watch Logan Paul videos I also remember seeing on the YouTubes trending page about Logan Pauls best friend and roommate Evan his dog died and  Even when Evans dog died in this video :

7 minutes and 22 seconds into the video Logan starts smiling and smirking and covering his mouth and laughing! and talking about his merch at the end the video.
After seeing and watching that video i was like what the hell is wrong with this guy Logan Paul that is suppose to be your best friend and roommate and hes dog just died and your smirking , laughing , and covering your mouth and , laughing as its a joke Logan Paul clearly has no regards for a animals life let alone a humans life.

The way Logan Paul acted in Japan before going to the forest here is the link to that video :

Logan Paul goes on to say in the video : I just have to be careful to respect the culture! are you kidding me if you watch the video Logan Paul is so disrespectful to not only Japan and the culture but the people in Japan he seems to have no respect for Japan there culture or the people that is clear in this video.

Suicide is no joke or a laughing matter that was someones son , brother , cousin , and he had emotions feelings , and a soul , goals and a future , and for Logan Paul to be mocking this young mans dead body hanging after he hung him self and killed him self and video taping it , and laughing , and joking you have to have some serious issues Logan Paul and not to mention the Friends Logan Paul had with him they were smiling , smirking , and laughing along side with Logan Paul that is something I have yet to see or hear anyone mention those people are just as bad as Logan Paul they never stopped him or told Logan Paul to turn the camera off if one my friends did that I would rip the camera out there hands and turn it off and tell him this is not something you should be doing , and not to mention Logan Paul edited this video and posted it to YouTube and no one not his manager or friends said anything to Logan Paul the video should have never been recorded let alone posted to Youtube Logan Paul has over 15 million Subscribers , and most of them are young kids and young teens , and I think Logan Paul needs to get some serious help , and pay the consequences for his choices , actions , and decisions , and I am going to leave it at that people really seem to be desensitized by death , and suicide , and mental illness , and how serious it truly is.

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